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Notes & Events Submission Guidelines


The Notes & Events section of Hampton Magazine is an opportunity for residents, groups and organizations to post announcements, awards, honors, requests and events. Submissions to the Notes & Events section are published as space permits. Photos are always considered but may not always be published due to space limitations.

Most submissions of a non-commercial nature are considered. We don't typically publish commercial messages (unless of a newsworthy nature) or announcements of engagements and weddings. We prefer to receive submissions via email as this is the most accurate and error-free form of publication. Requests to publish an item in Notes & Events may be sent to editor@hamptonmagazine.org. Submissions to the Notes & Events Section are Published Free of charge



Hampton Magazine is published every other month and the general deadline for all submissions is the first of the month preceding publication. The deadlines are as follows:

  • February (Mid-Winter Issue): Submissions due by January 1
  • April (Spring Issue): Submissions due by March 1
  • June (Summer Issue): Submissions due by May 1
  • August (Mid-Summer Issue): Submissions due by July 1
  • October (Fall Issue): Submissions due by September 1
  • December (Winter Issue): Submissions due by November 1


Guidelines For Composing Announcements

Please use the following suggestions as a guide for composing an announcement to be published in Hampton Magazine. We will make every reasonable attempt to publish your announcement in a timely manner.

Event Announcements 
(To solicit interest before an event or to report the results following an event).
Be sure to Include (as appropriate):

  • The name/title of the event
  • Event date(s)
  • Event location(s)
  • Who is the sponsor/holder of the event
  • Purpose of the event (recognition, awareness, fundraising, etc.)
  • Who is welcomed to attend the event
  • Fees or costs for participating
  • Necessary procedures to participate
  • Contact info / "for more information" (be sure to include phone/email/website)
  • History or results of the event, as appropriate

Accomplishment Announcements 
(To announce an award, accomplishment, achievement, honor or other recognition)

Be sure to Include (as appropriate):

  • The name/title of the person(s) receiving the award or recognition
  • When the award was given or the accomplishment was achieved
  • The name of the sponsoring or awarding organization
  • Significance of the award or recognition
  • History of the awarding organization, as needed (and brief)
  • Location where the award was given or the accomplishment was achieved
  • Recipient's connection to Hampton (resident, student, graduate, employee, etc.)
  • Relevant details - graduation date, years of employment, age, etc
  • Family info – spouse, offspring, parents, etc.
  • Future plans of award recipients, as appropriate
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