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Because Hampton Magazine is a non-profit publications, advertising opportunities are very limited within the pages of the publication. This limited amount of advertising space helps to defer some of the costs of producing Hampton Magazine every other month and provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach prospective customers within the community. However, due to the limited amount of advertising space available ads are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Space must first be reserved by advertisers before it can be confirmed by the magazine. The following may answer most questions you have about types of advertising space available, ad sizes, costs, and technical details:


Publication Schedule:

Hampton Magazine is published six times per year, every other month, on the 
following schedule:


February (Mid-Winter Issue)

  • Ads due by Jan. 1, mailed between Jan. 21-31

April-May (Spring Issue)

  • Ads due by Mar. 1, mailed between March 21-30

June (Summer Issue)

  • Ads due by May 1, mailed between May 21-31

August (Mid-Summer Issue)

  • Ads due by Jul. 1, mailed between Jul. 21-31

October (Fall Issue)

  • Ads due by Sep. 1, mailed between Sep. 21-30

December (Winter Issue)

  • Ads due by Nov. 1, mailed between Nov. 21-30


Types of Ads Available:

There are several different types of advertising opportunities available in Hampton Magazine. These ad spaces can be purchased in quarter page (the most popular), half page, or full page increments.


Display Ad Rates:

  • Quarter-Page - Inside front or back covers & interior pages $230 ($207 with discount)
  • Half Page (Horizontal layout Preferred) $415 ($374 with discount) 

  • Full Page (if available) $828 ($745 with discount) 

  • Back Cover (Allow quarter page space for mailer) $928 ($835 with discount)



Receive a discount of 10% off the ad cost when you run in six consecutive issues. Note: The rates quoted are the cost of the ad PER ISSUE. The frequency discount applies only to each ad.



Ads will be invoiced immediately following publication with payments due within 30 days.


General Ad Design Specifications:
All ads are FULL COLOR, printed on coated stock. We will design the ad from your instructions and specifications, or you can provide your ad as a computer file in PDF format.



Specifications: Magazine Trim Size and Ad Dimensions

Overall Magazine dimensions are 8.5” Wide X 11” High

  • Quarter Page: 3.75” Wide X 5” High
  • Half Page: 7.5” Wide X 5” High

  • Full Page: 7.5” Wide X 10.5” High
  • Back Cover: 7.5” Wide X 7.5” High


Ad Space Reservation Form

Because the amount of advertising accepted for publication in Hampton Magazine is strictly limited, your desired advertising space in the publication cannot always be guaranteed. Advertising space in Hampton Magazine is sold on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, and the limited number of spaces usually fills up quickly. Once all reserved ad space in each issue has been sold, additional advertisements can not be accepted.

To assure the best chance of receiving the advertising space you desire, please complete and submit an Advertising Space Reservation Request Form to the magazine at least one month prior to the month in which you want your first ad to run. Those interested in advertising are strongly encouraged to submit their reservations as soon as possible. To reserve space for your ad, and to begin layout production, please download the PDF file “Ad Space Reservation Request Form”

(The link is posted below) and either mail or fax this form, along with your ad information, to Hampton Magazine. If necessary, your artwork information may be sent later.

Click here for Ad Space Reservation Request Form (PDF)

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